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Develop and Project Total’s Corporate Image and Enhance Our Reputation

A company like Total needs to leverage multiple communications vehicles and resources across different media to build a corporate image that reaches different target audiences-not only customers, shareholders, partners and society at large, but also employees.

Communications is responsible for developing and projecting our image to build a strong reputation, which is paramount to our success, in addition to reflecting our outstanding performance worldwide.

Communications comprises a number of teams, whose functions are defined by the managers in charge of crafting our communications strategy.

The Image/Brand team is responsible for defining and protecting the brand's visual identity and managing advertising campaigns in cooperation with agencies.

The Media Relations team handles Total's public statements via the media.

The wide array of activities sponsored by the Sponsorship team focus on topics such as cultural heritage in partnership with museums and giving back to the community by supporting health and education programs.

The Digital Communication team applies New Information and Communications Technologies (NICT) to produce and update dedicated intranet and Web site content, while the Editorial/Publications team is in charge of producing and managing all the activities related to the editorial and production of communication media.

The Public Relations/Events team handles the Public Relations / Events program of the group or of an entity or a subsidiary. They also organize the logistic of internal and external events (trade shows, international fairs and exhibitions, seminars...).

The Communications team develops communications materials and ensures that they are distributed to all our employees worldwide.



  • Communication Leadership
  • Communication Management
  • General Communication


  • Audiovisual
  • Communication Analysis
  • Digital Communication
  • Editorial / Publications
  • Image / Brand
  • Interpreting
  • Media Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations / Events
  • Sponsorship

Current Offers

Job title Country
Jefe de marketing y comunicaciones Colombia
Juriste Droit Social confirmé France
Chargée des Objectifs de Développement durable France
Gestionnaire des Activités Sociales et Culturelles Centralisées (ASCC) France