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Job Posting Rules

Who are my dedicated contacts to talk to about mobility?

Your contacts are your manager, with whom you can share your mobility project and aspirations in particular during the AIR, and your talent developer who can provide you with an additional outlook. Your manager will support you in your mobility project and will help you to understand the needs within their team; your talent developer will help you to understand the Group’s needs.

How do I find out who my talent developer is?
  • In HR4U: the name and contact details of your talent developer are provided on HR4U > My HR4U > My representatives.
  • You can also find out who your talent developer is by reading the communication on HR organizations in the branches.
How is mobility organized at Total?

A new process has been implemented, based on transparency in the advertisement of all positions, up to and including position level 14, and the systematic application using Total Job Posting (formerly Careers Mobility). More information on the detailed process can be found on the “Discover Group internal mobility” page of this platform. Your talent developer can also answer your questions. For positions that are level 15 or higher, mobility remains mainly organized by managers, while branch management committee members oversee hiring for key positions. However, some of these roles may be advertised.

How long does the mobility process take?

From 2019, the mobility process is organized based on a campaign held from October to April. The campaign for advertising vacancies runs from December to mid-February. This is the best time to search on Total Job Posting and to prepare yourself. Interviews take place in March based on shortlists and the final decision is made in April. The selection process therefore lasts around five months on average. The move takes place within three months (maximum six months) from selection.

Can positions be advertised outside the annual mobility campaign?

In the event that new positions are created or if an unforeseen event occurs, for example in the event of an operational emergency, the job will be advertised when the manager decides that the position needs to be filled. In this case, the stages of the mobility process are followed and the advertising period may be reduced to one month.

I want to apply, how do I do this?

You must submit your application via Total Job Posting, by submitting your up-to-date CV and highlighting your competencies and experience with regard to the role in question, as well as your motives for applying for this position. Your talent developer will provide you with all the useful support required to prepare for your professional project and to help you apply on Total Job Posting. They will support you at each stage of the mobility process.

Do I need to inform my manager before applying?

Ideally, you should have discussed your mobility aspirations and horizon during your AIR with your manager. If you decided with your manager to remain in your current position on this occasion, but a role has opened up that you are interested in, you may apply without having previously informed them, as long as the minimum seniority requirement of two years in your current position is met. However, it is always advisable to keep your manager informed of your actions. In all cases, they will be informed if your application is shortlisted. In fact, at this advanced stage in the candidate selection process, it is important that your current manager is informed as they may be requested by the recruiting manager to provide a reference, detailing your experience and qualities.

What happens if I am interested in a job that has been advertised but I still have not reached the minimum two year seniority requirement in my current position?

Mobility generally takes place every four years, but there may be reasons to consider mobility earlier and even before two years. In any case, it is advisable to speak to your manager, who will assess the possibility of mobility and inform you of their decision, taking into account the needs of the team.

What determines seniority requirement in a position?

The seniority requirement is calculated from the date of change of position.

Is it possible to apply for all position levels?

It is possible to apply for all roles that are up to two levels higher than your current position level. It is advisable to apply for roles that fit your profile, experience, and competencies. You can seek advice from your talent developer and your manager to help you target your applications.

Can I apply for a position based in another country?

The advertisement will state whether the position is open to an expatriate or whether they are hiring locally. In any case, pay attention to the immigration conditions required for the countries in question and the possible impacts on your pension plans.

In this new process, is it possible for a non-cadre to apply for a level 10 or higher position?

Yes. In the Job Posting system, it is possible to apply for a role that is up to two levels higher than your current position level.

Is the position level of the role to fill stated in the advertisement?

Yes, the position level is mentioned in the advertisement, or a range of two position levels is given.

If my current position is level 14, how can I go about my mobility request?

You can start discussing your mobility wishes with your manager during the AIR. You will find the available NP14 offers in TJP. You can also discuss the positions above NP14 with your manager and your talent developer, since they are not posted in TJP.

Is there a limit to the number of applications I can submit?

No, this number is not limited but it is recommended that you apply for roles that fit your profile, experience, and competencies.

When I apply for a job vacancy, who knows about this?

Your current talent developer and the recruiting talent developer are the only ones to receive information when you apply for a position on Total Job Posting. However, if you have agreed your mobility with your manager, they may be kept informed by your talent developer. Your manager will be informed in any case if you are shortlisted. It is always better to talk about it yourself with your manager.

What do I do if none of the positions that are advertised meet my criteria?

The majority of vacancies will be advertised during the mobility campaign, more specifically between December and mid-February. This is the best time to search for and find a position. You are encouraged to contact your talent developer who will help you to assess the different positions that are advertised to find those that may suit you. You can also easily create an alert in Total Job Posting to automatically receive jobs that meet your criteria as soon as they are advertised.

If a manager or a talent developer recommends that you submit an application for a position, do you have to apply in Total Job Posting?

It is normal for your manager or your talent developer to suggest positions to help you with your mobility. If you are interested in the role, you must apply because only applications posted via Total Job Posting are considered. The suggestion to apply does not guarantee that you will be selected for this position, nor does it mean you have to complete the process.

What are the stages before being selected for an interview with the recruiting manager? How are the interviews conducted?

The shortlist is created by the talent developer, which is approved by the recruiting manager before starting the interview phase. The details of the Job Posting process are available on the “Discover Group internal mobility” page on this platform.

What criteria are taken into account during the selection process?

The shortlist is drawn up taking into account the candidate’s competencies, experience, skills, and motivation, as well as the needs and constraints of the organization. The shortlist is made up of three to five candidates and represents a range of profiles (experience, training, etc.), as well as applications promoting inter-branch or inter-role openness.

If I apply without having previously informed my manager and I am shortlisted, is my position advertised?

Your manager will be informed as soon as your application is shortlisted and will decide on the appropriate time to advertise your current position.

If I am shortlisted but my application is not accepted in the end, what follow-up will be provided after the interview?

You will receive direct feedback from the recruiting manager, including explanations as to why your application was not selected. These comments will help you to prepare for your next job search, along with the support of your talent developer, if you so wish.

Who informs me if I am selected for the position? Is it then up to me to inform my manager?

The recruiting manager is the one who will contact you to inform you that your application has been successful. You have eight days to confirm your acceptance. If you have applied for other vacancies for which you have not yet received an answer, this deadline gives you enough time to conclude the process. If you are selected for several positions, the final choice is up to you. Your manager will have been informed about your selection for the shortlist; it is therefore up to you to inform them of the final decision made by the recruiting manager concerning your application. The recruiting manager will contact your current manager to set the mobility date.

What happens at the end of the Job Posting process if an employee is appointed to your position before you have found a new role?

If you have not found a position by the time your successor is selected, your manager and talent developer will pro-actively help you in your search. It may be possible to consider postponing your successor’s arrival date with the agreement of the manager. During a transitional period a temporary job sharing arrangement may be possible. Your manager is responsible for their own teams and at the end of the campaign they will ensure, with your talent developer, that all positions are filled and offer solutions for each employee in mobility.

Can your manager propose your mobility?

Yes, your manager can propose your mobility and your AIR is the best time to talk about it. Its timeframe will be determined between you, as well as the support required to implement it.